Precise property valuation: this calls for both expert knowledge and years of experience. We have both. As professionals in the real estate sector, we are not only familiar with current market developments. Depending on the purpose, we also offer you tailor-made models with which you can reliably assess the value of a property.


We tell you how much your property is worth – and thus what it can cost. So we keep you from giving money away. With our appraisal you can set a realistic price. That means: you will achieve sales success more quickly.


Again and again you see so-called “bargains”, which end up costing a lot of money afterwards – because basic damage was not recognised. This is where our appraisal, which determines the true value of the property, helps. So you can go into the purchase negotiations confidently!


Hidden damage rarely reveals itself to the layman. But, of course, it is included in the valuation. That’s why we take our time on site. At the end of the process, you will receive a comprehensive appraisal confirming the market value of a property. The market value is confirmed to you in a written appraisal in accordance with Section 194 of the Federal Building Code (BauGB). The total processing time is 14 days.

Koch & Kollegen not only carefully checks for visible defects like cracks. We also specifically detect measurable problems such as moisture. You will also receive a detailed description of the property. This contains the building components, any installations and general building features. Detailed photo documentation included!

In addition, we examine any existing encumbrances and easements in accordance with Section II of the Land Register (residential rights, rights of way and life tenancy). The living space available is measured using laser technology. Our expert also checks relevant information about the property carefully. The focus here is on the year of construction, the size of the plot or any modernisations that have already been carried out.

Do you require a need-based energy certificate? We also supply this – with a 100 euro discount! Valid when ordering a market value appraisal for residential buildings with up to 4 residential units.

You need a detailed market value appraisal if you …

  • attach importance to a precise living space calculation
  • want detailed photo documentation
  • require a legally binding appraisal

The last point not only applies to courts. Even authorities such as the tax office accept our market value appraisals. Moreover, we strongly recommend this option in the event of divorce or inheritance: if you find yourself in a legal dispute, the appraisal will provide you with a solid legal basis.


Our brief appraisal is the streamlined version of a market value appraisal. With almost all of the advantages: here, too, we confirm the market value of a property. Our expert inspects possible damage to the building fabric on site. In addition, they verify important information about the property, such as the size of the plot of land or any modernisation work carried out. With the help of special market knowledge, the expert finally determines the market value in accordance with Section 194 of the Federal Building Code (BauGB). This gives you a secure basis for purchase or sales negotiations.


  • Market value calculation as in the detailed appraisal
  • Shorter processing time: 7 days
  • Good value for money
  • Suitable for presentation to banks
  • Further services can be added


A brief appraisal costs less than a detailed appraisal. The main difference, however, is that it is not valid in a court of law. Please note that only our detailed market value appraisal is legally binding! Detailed photo documentation is also dispensed with here, to shorten the processing time.

You are also welcome to design your appraisal flexibly to suit your needs. We will help you – not only with advice. If, for example, you additionally need a rough calculation of the living space, we will give you a discount of 20 euros. The same applies in the case of the energy certificate – here we offer buyers of a brief appraisal a 50 euro discount. Are you unsure what you need? Talk to us, we will help you make the right choice!


A value estimate is the quickest way of determining the market value. As the name says, this figure is an estimate, based on the client’s property data. So there is no inspection of the property! Such a value estimate is, however, often sufficient to give you a starting point.

We base our estimate on similar properties. As a real estate company with many years of experience, we not only know their current market value. Other important guidelines are also used in the estimate. However, we do not take official comparative purchase prices into account in our estimates.

Important: This really is just an initial estimate. For this reason, a value estimate cannot replace a market value appraisal. It is not accepted by banks, authorities or courts!


  • Give you an initial starting point
  • Offer you confidence for the upcoming sales negotiations


  • Be used before the courts or at banks/authorities
  • Verify the information supplied by the client
  • Take land register entries for rights or encumbrances into consideration
  • Identify and incorporate structural damage

Our expert is therefore not liable in any way. If, however, precisely these points are important to you, please contact us. We would also be happy to advise you on our other valuation models!

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