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On-site service ensures fast and good solutions for small and medium-sized objects

If you are the owner of a rental house in Berlin and rightly have respect for the independent management of your house, then we are happy to be there for you. We, the Koch und Kollegen Immobiliengesellschaft mbH team, are happy to relieve you by acting as a neutral anchor between owners and tenants.

In your opinion, what characterizes good rental property management for your rental property? For us, the team at Koch und Kollegen Immobiliengesellschaft mbH, the basis of well-functioning rental property management lies in the trust between homeowners and property management. Of course, good contact between homeowners and property management is also part of the basis for us. Contact us and make good and respectful contact. Appreciation and fairness are essential for our family team.

Key characteristics of good rental property management

Professional expertise A good rental property manager has well-founded specialist knowledge in the areas of real estate management, tenancy law, accounting and facility management. It should keep itself continuously updated on new laws, regulations and best practices.

Transparent communication
Clear and open communication with owners and tenants is crucial. Management should be easy to reach, respond quickly to questions and concerns, and provide regular updates about the property.

Efficient financial management
Good rental management keeps accurate accounts and ensures that rental payments are received on time and costs are billed transparently. She should also keep separate accounts for each rental home.

Qualified tenant selection
Selecting suitable tenants is important to minimize potential problems. Management should conduct a thorough screening of prospective tenants to ensure they are financially stable and able to meet their commitments.

Regular maintenance
A good rental property manager will ensure proper maintenance and repairs are made to the property. It should conduct regular inspections to identify and fix potential problems early.

Effective conflict resolution
Conflicts between tenants or with owners can arise. A professional administration should have proper conflict resolution strategies in place to resolve issues quickly and fairly.

Reliable emergency care
A good rental property manager should be available 24/7 for emergencies and be able to take reasonable steps to assist in emergencies such as water leaks or heating problems.

Legal Compliance
The administration should strictly comply with all relevant laws and regulations, especially with regard to tenancy law, data protection and security regulations.

Regular reporting
Owners should receive regular reports on the financial performance and condition of the property. Transparency regarding income, expenses and the general condition of the building is important.

A suitable total package

Any rental property manager should be flexible and able to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of the owners. Each rental house is unique and requires individual approaches. In summary, our rental property management is responsible, professional, communicative, knowledgeable and service-oriented. Our main goal is to maintain the value of the property, to create a pleasant environment for tenants and to optimally represent the interests of the owners.


“If you find your way around, you can also create operating cost statements for an apartment building yourself. And with experience and perseverance, it is even possible to organize good craftsmen for the right tasks in Berlin,” explains Senta Schwarmer, owner of a rental house in Moabit. A total of 24 tenants live in the front building and the two side wings of their Gründerzeit building on Turmstrasse, and there are two commercial units in the street that have been rented to a hairdresser and a driving school for many years. Senta Schwarmer inherited the house from her parents. And they got it from their grandfather, who built and paid for it with a small fortune of his own at the end of the imperial period.

“Unfortunately, however, billing and tradesmen’s orders are only a very small part of the large package of tasks of every property manager,” explains the 72-year-old pensioner. In the meantime, Senta Schwarmer has placed the management of their rental building in reliable hands. “A few years ago we decided to commission one of the largest property management companies in Berlin. But that didn’t work at all. Everything was very standardized there and more suited to the management of much larger housing stocks,” explains Senta Schwarmer. At that time, the lack of presence of the employees on site and long and completely inflexible reaction times were always the cause of complications and annoyance. “I always had to make phone calls afterwards and fight my way through the hotlines,” explains Senta Schwarmer, who later switched to a smaller property management company. “It works a lot better now,” explains the pensioner with great relief. And Senta Schwarmer’s experience is not unique.

says Jaqueline Hartmann, Managing Director of the Koch and Colleagues real estate company. Every administration delivers pure persuasion work in the day-to-day order for the house and for the people living in it. Their experience has shown that on-site presence still leads to the best and quickest solutions to problems. Your company can offer optimal services in this respect, especially for smaller and medium-sized properties. “With us there is no personnel overhead with upstream hotlines. Anyone who commissions Koch und Kollegen Immobiliengesellschaft with property management always gets to know the service provider personally,” says Jaqueline Hartmann, who knows that in addition to routine jobs such as bookkeeping, contracts and utility bills, there are always surprises in negotiations between tenants and landlords , administrations, offices and service providers are lurking. “It’s our job to solve problems and eliminate inconveniences,” she says, emphasizing that special social qualities are sometimes required for this. “When signing rental contracts, enforcing the house rules and also checking and selecting prospective tenants, the right assessments and the necessary standing are very important,” she explains. Skills in negotiating with suppliers and craftsmen, sensitivity in dealing with tenants, commitment, adherence to deadlines and precise knowledge of the legal situation in the real estate industry are essential and, in the best case, can be implemented personally.

In the end, only regular on-site inspections would effectively ensure preservation of the properties. “In the overall package, we offer homeowners a responsible, cooperative, expert and binding service that covers the wide field of property management with all its requirements completely and above all on site,” she describes her work task in a single sentence.
If you would like more information on property management and the service provided by Koch und Kollegen Immobiliengesellschaft, you should contact the team.

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