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Koch & Kollegen offer a full service if you’re on the look-out for your own home. Your estate agent in Berlin – Koch und Kollegen. See our extensive range of properties on offer for yourself and experience our efficient personal service.


We present our properties in the following section. Find your ‘dream’ property. If you can’t find it in our list, give us a call or send an enquiry. Although we endeavour to keep our range of offers as up to date as possible, it may be the case that not all our properties have been saved in the database yet.


We are an estate agent that supports potential buyers in their search for an apartment, a house or a site.  We can also act as partners for construction and investment projects in Berlin and Brandenburg.


The real estate sale is a matter of trust and requires intuition

Targeted marketing is decisive, especially with regard to an optimal result. Koch & Kollegen specializes in the residential real estate sector. We know the market and we know our customers.

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Koch&Kollegen now mediate, manage and design projects in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

“The market in Berlin continues to be exciting. Priorities have changed in recent years in terms of business activity. We are now more active in property management than renting or sales”, says Jacqueline Hartmann, who works in the capital with her team of property consultants to provide customers with a proven, comprehensive service. Jacqueline, an expert in her field, explains that change itself is one of the only things that is constant in the property business – and that applies beyond Berlin’s fascinating market with all the interesting challenges it brings. “I am someone who likes to think outside the box. In addition to property management, I am also regularly involved in sustainable property design”, the Berlin-based Thuringia native goes on to explain. She summarises her company’s main area of expertise, “I myself also buy and sell. I place immense importance on each property as a project. After all, management, marketing and project development are the three pillars upon which I strategically develop a property and the services I offer to my customers”.


Jacqueline Hartmann knows that the popular spot of Berlin and the interesting challenges it brings is not the only place of interest to the property industry, eastern Germany is also increasingly coming to the fore. In recent years, prices on the property market have stabilised at comparatively low levels. Her company now aims to bridge the gap between Thuringia, Saxony and Berlin. Jacqueline Hartmann feels optimistic about the future of her branches in Berlin and Reichenbach, Saxony, “I want to be as successful in shaping the new, additional eastern German locations as I was in Berlin: My services cover the usual tasks required for property management from A to Z. My customers really value my services which are based on the perfect foundation of extensive experience and a flexible business structure”. A dual strategy that is intended to optimise the property management industry in particular.


Although property prices have been increasing rather slowly in regional areas such as Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt – the property environment is sound and shows promise: As the economy grows, so too does the number of people moving into the area. Employment figures are very high and key economic indicators are on the up. Jacqueline Hartmann reckons, “Investors are well-advised to seek consultation and invest here as they won’t be disappointed.” Hartmann explains that “Here in eastern Germany, you can choose between a nice apartment or even a small house on a relatively small budget.” “It is much easier to get an ROI under these circumstances than in many other German cities”, she continues.


The expert knows what she’s talking about. In 2011, she bought and went on to sell property in the region. “For me it was a question of budget, just like it is with my customers”, she says. That transaction began her business career in the area. “I’m now focusing mainly on the geographical triangle of Gera, Chemnitz and Hof.” Yet I’m still the right person to talk to about quality projects in Dresden and Leipzig, Jacqueline Hartmann assures. She herself was born in Bad Lobenstein in Thuringia. “This area just has so much space to offer, resulting in an excellent standard of living. Life is not only inexpensive here – there is also an abundance of places steeped in culture, history and nature including fortresses, castles and architectural works. It’s just beautiful here”, gushes Hartmann, who recently opened a branch of Koch & Kollegen in the Vogtland area of Reichbach.


It’s no coincidence, after all, that many people from this area find themselves back here after spending a few years in big cities. “I know plenty of people that say: I can be myself here”, explains Hartmann, who also knows that the area has seen the development of new economic prospects: Zwickau and VW are some of the most well-known examples of powerful companies here. Yet the numerous smaller gems in the area may be of even more importance: many smaller, modern and specialised companies offering specialised services for the automotive industry, high-tech specialist industries and new technologies have positioned themselves here in recent years. Key technologies for the future such as the super-resolution microscope from Carl Zeiss or IT solutions backed by strong brands such as Infineon Technologies, as well as Daimler’s famous motor technology, are all produced here. “Everyone here is working hard to ensure that these developments continue”, says Jacquelin Hartmann, who also points out how far education has come in both German provinces. Saxony itself has a rich tradition of well-performing universities. Dresden is a cut above the rest with its ‘University of Excellence’ title, whilst Leipzig, Chemnitz and Freiberg boast an internationally recognised range of programmes from the fields of engineering, humanities, social science, economics and law.


Jaqueline Hartmann will also be heavily involved in sales at the new branch location. “People here are prepared to make their homes fashionable and to invest more if it means they will look beautiful.” The region therefore has many premium properties and potential buyers are guaranteed a decent return on investment. Jacqueline Hartmann plans to inspire her customers here too by showing them what is on offer and hopes to continue her successful record over the past number of years. “There’s no question about it, I’ve got plenty hidden up my sleeve. The range of properties covers everything from aristocratic apartment buildings to beautifully decorated apartments and inspiring properties in prime locations. I will recommend exactly what you need – you can rely on that”, says Hartmann.


“Those who come here experience highly honest people. They are polite here and you will meet attentive people that are pleasant and open with each other” she says. One aspect of her property management business that will continue to be a bonus in the coming years.



Jaqueline Hartmann is CEO and co-founder of the “Koch und Kollegen Immobiliengesellschaft mbH ” . The real estate business administrator is specialized for more than ten years on the Berlin market and well networked in the city. Regardless of whether it comes to contacts with apartment sellers , developers or notaries – Ms. Hartmann knows (almost) all . Their years of experience in the housing market it is a welcome to help the customer. Berlin is the native Thuringian no X – any place to live and work.


Julia Giese is customer support at the headquarters in Berlin, she is responsible for Berlin and Brandenburg.

The trained retailer, as a native of Berlin, has the necessary flair for the Berlin real estate market. Ms. Giese has been active in the Berlin real estate industry for several years and is happy to assist our Berlin and Brandenburg customers with advice and action.


Bettina Schälicke is an object manager and customer support at the store in Reichenbach / Vogtland. The “Brandenburgerin” (born in Brandenburg) is responsible for the company’s area of house administration and real estate marketing in your new home.


Regine Glass is an accountant at Reichenbach / Vogtland.
Mrs. Glass is a qualified accountant and accountant of the “old school” and has mastered all important topics such as facilities, rents and payroll accounting.
Her professional experience deepened Ms Glass in various companies, such as tax hires and industry.


Wolf Pennekamp, Head of Commerical Investment, serves institutional investors at Koch & Kollegen. He accompanies the commercial “due diligence” in the context of the portfolio and individual purchase of real estate. Wolf Pennekamp, who studies economics, have more than 20 years of professional experience for our customers.


Stephan Koch founded with Ms. Hartmann 2012, the company , to give a wider context to the many years of joint activity.



Our office Your real estate agent in Berlin – Koch und Kollegen!   Our office – more than a job! Koch und Kollegen Real Estate Company The headquarters of the real estate company is where Berlin is particularly exciting: Prenzlauer Berg in the Bötzowstraße. Right in the middle finger on the pulse.Quite deliberately, the team has chosen a transparent work atmosphere – with an equally well-kept as large reception area that is easily visible from the outside through the large windows. Here evolve more than just conversations with customers.




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